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529-X-men-2-2003-_2I ordered the X-Men 2 DVD on Amazon because It is not available at this time for streaming.  I was very surprised to see it arrive the mail the very next day.  Amazon Prime is awesome.

X-Men 2 United was another blockbuster.  The movie costs $110 million to make and grossed $407,711,504 at the box office world-wide.  X-Men 2 was released on May 2, 2003.

I don’t have much to say about X-Men 2 because I am not getting a solid grasp on it as a clueless person of Marvel comics.  If you read the comic books when you were growing up then you are worlds ahead of everyone else and will not walk away wondering what the heck, who are these characters really and when will the director FINALLY let you in on what everyone else already knows.  You will love X-Men 2 if you are a Marvel comic book fan and read the books.  The only comic books I read when I was growing up are the Archie Comics.  I liked reading about Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead.


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X-Men 2 introduces the character Nightcrawler in the opening scenes.  Nightcrawler attacks the president in the oval office during a meeting.  The opening scenes were really done very well if you like that sort of thing.  Nightcrawler was too satanish looking for my comfort, but I have to give kudos to how effective it was.  It was really weird listening to Nightcrawler recite passages from the Bible later on throughout the movie.

filmes-195-fotos-3443William Stryker is another character that was introduced in X-Men 2.  Well, I at least I don’t remember him for the first movie.

xmen 2 syewart and MckellenProfessor Xavier visits Magneto to find out if he had anything to do with the attack on the president but he is also walking into a trap and Magneto escapes.


xmen2 cyclopsThe evil William Stryker and his cohorts descend on the mutants.   Magneto and Xavier have to work together against Stryker and I guess that is the reason this movie is titled X-Men United.


Wolverine meets his match.

xmen2 storm and jean grey


X-Men-2-BluRay-hugh-jackman-as-wolverine-27505400-1280-543I won’t say anymore about the storyline, just watch the movie for yourself if you haven’t already.  As usual Patrick Stewart, Jack the Man and Anna Pacquin did very well in their roles.  Jackman gets better as Wolverine and I love that he has such a big heart.   I just want to hug him and help him remember who he is.  (Heck I’d like to know too).

3636-1  X-Men 2 gets high marks for visual effects and a talented cast.  Well, most of them did a great job and others were okay.

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  1. Hamlette says:

    I’ve spent a large chunk of my life wanting to just give Wolverine a hug. He definitely needs one! (And no, Stryker wasn’t in the first movie.)

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