Someone Like You

Someone-Like-You___-2001I love romantic comedy’s.   I streamed Some Like You from Amazon.  Someone Like you was directed by Tony Goldwyn and released on January 1, 2001.  It costs $23 million to make and grossed $38,389,940 worldwide.  This movie stars Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Jack the Man, Marisa Tomei, and Ellen Barkin.

Someone Like You is a cute romance comedy that is filled with fluff, but so what?  Every movie that I watch does not have to be on the level of Citizen Kane.  For me this movie was fun to watch and I got quite a few laughs out of it.

4478_1Ashley Judd is such a good actress.  I really think that she has it in her to become known as one of the few great actresses out there if she chooses her roles wisely.  Ashley plays Jane Goodale who works fo a talk show as a booking agent.  Ashley is just as cute as ever as Jane.  Greg Kinnear plays Ray Brown, Jane’s boyfriend.

400fullSomeone Like You could have been a really great romantic comedy.  The idea of the storyline is a good one, but it failed to execute well, IMHO.  Jane and Ray met at work and they are immediately attracted to each others good looks.  That is all well and good, but I didn’t see either of them getting beyond that physical attraction.  Jane and Ray start sleeping together right away.  Six weeks later Rays tells Jane he loves her and Jane says the same to him.  What is this love based on I wondered?   Ray also had not broken up with his other girlfriend.  I never saw a solid relationship between these two people.  It seemed to be purely physical attraction and nothing beyond that.


1Jack the Man is one huge hunk of handsome male flesh in this movie.  Jack the hunk plays Eddie Alden.  I immediately saw chemistry brewing between Eddie and Jane.  It is not hard to figure out what the ending of this movie will be, but it is still nice to watch it all unfold anyway.

i007075Eddie Alden is the producer of the talk show.  Jane does not take him seriously though because he is a womanizer big time.  Eddie lives by himself in a huge two bedroom loft apartment and is looking for someone to rent the second bedroom.  Eddie asks Jane if she would like to rent it.  This is when I first got an inkling that Eddie really liked Jane, but the film does not adequately develop this notion at all.  From the beginning to the end of the movie there really is no progression.  Eddie doesn’t stop inviting women to his loft just for sex.

Eddie also had a girlfriend at one time that he was in love with, but you never know what happened.  All you see is one scene where Eddie runs into his old girlfriend and he is emotionally affected.  You  realize then that Eddie sleeps around to cover up emotional damage.

001SLY_Ashley_Judd_056Things don’t work out between Ray and Jane and she loses her apartment.  Now she has to take Eddie up on his offer to rent the second bedroom.  At this point is when I expected things to really develop between Jane and Eddie, but the film fails in doing that.


Someone-Like-You-insideThere is some fun between them but Eddie doesn’t change his womanizing ways or even tone it down.


someonelikeyou02Jane comes up with the totally ridiculous theory that men cannot be faithful based on what she calls the cow syndrome.  Jane writes about her “study” as a hobby, but Jane’s best friend Liz convinces her to write about it as a columnist for the men’s magazine she works for.   Jane agree to do it using the pen name Dr. Marie Charles.  The column is a big hit worldwide and everyone wants to meet this Dr. Charles person.  Liz is played by Marisa Tomei.

Jane admits on TV that she is the mysterious Dr. Marie Charkes.  Eddie is hurt that she never told him and walks off the set.  Jane goes looking him him and spots him getting into a cab.

hairashley-juddJane tells Eddie that she has found a new love.  Eddie makes his move towards Jane and he kisses her.  The movie ends on that note and the delightful song Someone Like You by Van Morrison.

As I said before, there was no solid development to how Jane and Eddie got the this end point of the movie.  Eddie does comfort Jane one night while she breaks down about being hurt by Ray.  Eddie sits with her and comforts her.  He even sleeps in her bed holding her while she cries.  When they awake Eddie is thrilled that he slept with her and things did not end in meaningless sex.    That is so sweet, but then the film drops the ball again.

001SLY_Ashley_Judd_118 Regardless of the weak script, I still enjoyed Someone Like You.  It is a cute movie and worth watching just to ogle Hugh Jackman.  I really loved him in this movie, except fo the kiss at the end.  I was disappointed in it.  I thought it was lame.  Jackman should have laid one on Ashley that  would steam up your screen.  If I was directly this movie Jack the Man would have had to do it over until he got it right.

All of the actors did a great job.  I did not talk about Ellen Barkin but she was great as talk show host Diane Roberts.


    • Xenia says:

      It is hard for me to put into words. There is something that isn’t clicking for me with his onscreen kisses, except for the clip I saw of him in Corelli. It is the project that he met Deborra-Lee in and he is kissing her. So I know that HJ knows how to give a passionate, curl your toes kiss. I don’t see him doing it with other actresses. At least that is my take on it.

  1. Hamlette says:

    Hmm. I disagree that the characters don’t change during the movie. Here’s how I view their arcs:

    Eddie begins as a man trying to drown his sorrows with one-night stands. He sees Jane as another potential bedmate initially, and probably thinks if she moves in, she’ll sleep with him too. Then when she does move in, he starts to realize that she’s a fun, interesting person. He sympathizes with her heartbreak, tries to help her, but I don’t think he really starts to love her until that New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t have any other women over after that point. By the end, he’s realized that Becca is not the only woman he will ever love, just like he told Jane that Ray is not the only man she’ll ever love.

    Jane starts out kind of starry-eyed and flighty. She falls for Ray, she gets dumped, and her way of drowning her sorrows is to declare all men are scum-sucking, commitment-phobic jerks. She thinks Eddie proves her point… until she learns that he’s just heartbroken like her. She then begins to realize that all people are more complex than just hormones and urges. And she’s willing to try loving again, only so much less naively now.

    But I agree that it could have been better-written.

    • Xenia says:

      Eddie is definitely attracted to Jane, but I don’t think he saw her as just a bed mate, otherwise he would not have asked her to be his roommate. I think that if he wanted to just sleep with her he would not want her to live under the same roof with him and that is why I saw him as caring for her that early on. Eddie was too much of a womanizer to have a bed-mate living with him too. Eddie also knew that Jane was a romantic and believed in “forever”. I saw little glimpses of how much Eddie really cared for Jane throughout the film, but there was little to almost no development of it. When Eddie came out of his bedroom and found Jane in the kitchen getting ready to eat Chinese food I saw in his eyes how pleased he was to see Jane. Eddie stayed out there with Jane as if he didn’t have someone else in his bedroom.

      To me there was no clear development of their relationship from friends to each other’s love. I found it too subtle to almost non-existent.

      • Hamlette says:

        AHA! Well, there is the reason I love this movie and probably why you don’t. I absolutely adore friendships that turn into love stories, way so much more than purely romance-based love stories. I find them so much more realistic, and I always feel like couples who start as friends and then kind of fall gradually in love will have a much better chance of staying together than those who do the love-at-first-sight thing. And so, I love this movie, because it’s two people who went from co-workers to friends to just wanting to spend all their time together and realizing they’re in love.

        • Xenia says:

          Hi Hamlette, I do like this movie despite what I think of the script. I completely enjoyed watching it and it was a great recommendation. I also totally agree with you 100% about being friends first. That isn’t what bothers me about this movie at all. I love that Jane and Eddie start out as friends first. I just think the transition to romance was not well done.

          I am going to be watching Jack the Man in Scoop tonight.

          • Hamlette says:

            Can’t wait to hear what you think of Scoop! I’ve seen it twice, and like it okay, but it’s definitely not a favorite. Scarlett Johansson is lots of fun it in, though, and I loved getting surprised by Anthony Stewart Head having a small role at the end, as he plays one of my fave characters on one of my fave shows (he was Giles on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”)

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