Richard Armitage Wants to Breakout

London-14I am DELIGHTED to read that my favorite British actor wants to expand his “depth of field”.  I have blogged on here before and commented on other blogs about how I feel that Richard Armitage is painting himself into a corner with the type of roles he has been choosing to play over the past several years.  All of the roles that Richard has taken on were characters that are involved in violence and carried weapons.  There is Captain Ian Macalwain, Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North, John Porter Heinz Kruger and now Thorin Oakensheid.  I fear that if Richard keeps up this trend he will typecast himself and limit how directors view him as an actor.  Yes, there is no doubt that Richard is fantastic in all of these roles, but quite frankly, I am about ready to scream watching Richard pull out weapons, look mean and hollering onscreen.

Here is what Richard said in a recent interview about the roles he has been playing:

“I’d like to act in a film without special effects. I’ve spent the past two years in a special FX environment for The Hobbit. I also need to find something where I’m not fighting or inflicting violence on someone, as a lot of the roles I’ve had, such as Lucas North in Spooks and Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, have involved that. I don’t know why that’s been the case.”  

Well, amen hallelujah!  I didn’t think that Richard was taking note of this, but I am glad to learn that I was wrong.  If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know how I feel about films filled with violence, no matter who is starring in them.  There is enough of that crap on the six o’clock news with me having to watch it in films too.  Not that I watch the news because I don’t for that very reason.  I refuse to fill my consciousness with that kind of stuff.  When I saw The Hobbit I loved Richard in it, but I was GLAD when the movie was over.  And I am not going to  see The Hobbit two and three.  I will wait until they are on Netflix or Amazon and then I can fast forward when the violent scenes start.    I am completely bowled over by Richard Armitage, but I am not willing to go against my grain in the process.  If Richard happened to be my husband then yes, I would be a very supportive wife and go to see everything he is in, but since he isn’t I’m not.

Richard, I can answer that question you asked during the interview.  Well, it wasn’t really a question, but more like a statement.  You don’t know why that has been the case?  Because you agreed to play those roles.  Your career will go in whatever direction you choose to take it.   See how easy that was?  We are always in the driver’s seat and the architects of our lives’ even when we are in denial of it.

I look forward to the movie Black Sky and I do hope that things are straightened out with the production company soon.  I am still waiting for my copy of “Staged” as of this post.

I have to admit that I am not really into the whole Richard III thing.  I know that it is important to RA and I am very happy for him from that standpoint, but personally I am not into it.  I do hope that Richard gets all the financial backing required to make the Richard III project a successful reality.

I would love to see Richard in some more period dramas, some romantic comedy or a straight up dramatic role.  I would love to see Richard in a remake of Bringing Up Baby or La Belle et La Bete.   There is a lot of great literature out there that would be wonderful to see interpreted onto the silver screen.  If Richard was much younger I would have loved to see him play the part of Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables.

To read the rest of Richard’s interview click HERE.


  1. Ann Marie says:

    I think whatever Richard does next he will do his best at. He research every
    part he takes. And he could do almost any part in drama, plays and more
    romance.. And even comedy. He has a great smile. And everyone should
    have a little patience. He will take a little time off after he does finish the
    Hobbit 2 and 3. Then you will see him again.

  2. Dog_Vomit says:

    What’s going on with the production company with Black Sky? I still think it should have been filmed here in Oklahoma 😉 And is he really set to play Richard III? Wasn’t RIII’s grave recently excavated?

    • Xenia says:

      The only thing I know is that there have been some financial difficulties involving the production company. Other than tat I have no idea what is going on with Black Sky, but it is a good question. I hope that this movie will be released this year.

      It is believed that Richard III’s grave has been found underneath a parking lot. I don’t know if RA is set to play Richard III because I have not been keeping up with that project. For RA’s sake I hope he does play the part since the project is very important to him.

      • Confucius Jones says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I think he’d make an excellent King Richard; I have read he (the king) has received a bad rap due to Shakespeare’s portrayal of him in “Richard III”. I had no idea that there was a movie in the works, though.

  3. IntownWriter says:

    He would be perfect as Dawsey Adams in the WWII drama The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, based on the historical novel. It’s both romantic and heroic, but in small, nunanced ways, and miles away from what he’s been doing the last few years.

    • Xenia says:

      I never heard of this book before so I looked it up on Amazon. It received over 1200 5 star reviews soI decided to order it. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I look forward to reading it.

      • IntownWriter says:

        It’s a lovely book. Made me want to move to Guernsey (and meet Dawsey)! Let us know what you think. There’s also a Facebook page: Richard Armitage for Dawsey Adams. The group is small, but passionate. The film originally had Kenneth Branagh attached to direct, and Kate Winslet as the female lead. It’s on hold now.

  4. Jessica says:

    I think RA could do comedy; He was funny in Vicar of Dibley (the 1st time I ever heard of him back in ’07) – maybe Richard Curtis could write a series for him 😉 I still would like to see RA play Doctor Who, LOL (rather than James Bond; I’d love to see him be kind of an oddball). Or even an Inspector Lynley/Midsomer Murders type show. If only Jane Eyre hadn’t been done to death he would make a wonderful Rochester or they could do another Persuasion and he could be Wentworth (no offense to Ciaran Hinds – love him too!)
    Actually I think RA could do any character and I’ll just gladly go watch, sit in awe & drool 🙂

    • Xenia says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Richard Armitage doing more period dramas, but they have been do over and over so many times. I still would love to see Richard as Captain Wentworth in Persuasion though. Richard is a lot older than Captain is supposed to be, but I think he can pull it off. I loved Ciaran Hinds in the role and to me he looked older at the time than Richard looks now. Maybe some talented British screenwriter can come up with a fresh, new and brilliant period drama just for Richard.

      I would also love to see Richard in a contemporary romance story. I would love to see Richard playing a character that is highly intellectual too like a professor or head of a corporation.

      I do hope that Richard returns to doing television.

  5. Hamlette says:

    This reminds me of how I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want Chris Hemsworth get some good, chewy dramatic roles that let him flex his acting muscles instead of his, er, muscley muscles. Not that I don’t love the sight of him in a sleeveless tunic, or barefoot in jeans, cuz I do, but… I know he has some good acting chops. I hope he gets to use them, and soon. Here’s to these guys getting some good, non-type-cast roles!

  6. Jasmine says:

    Hi Xenia,

    I hate films with violence in them too! I hope Richard gets a role soon in something more romantic. I’d love to see him in something like a romantic comedy. I think he transitions so well between period pieces and more modern films.

  7. Jane says:

    Just saying, I completely agree, however he has made remarks in the same vein for many years and nothing has changed so far. He gets offered what he has done in the past and accepts it because offers are good and getting better. Maybe the long break he is taking now is an indication that he feels he can take time to choose the right project now.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Jane, I had no idea that RA said this many times before Let’s hope that he means it this time and begins to think through more thoroughly the roles that he accepts.

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