kumare_movie_posterI streamed Kumare‘ on Netflix this afternoon.  This movie is BRILLIANT!

Vikram Gandhi is from New Jersey and born of Indian descent.  While in India making a film about Yogi’s and their followers Vikram do a social experiment.  Vikram grows a beard and long hair in order to take on the persona of a wise Indian guru.  Vikram seeks to prove that blind faith is absurd.  Vikram takes his experiemtn to Arizona where he tells the people that his name is Sri Kumare’.   Vikram also begins to speak very convincingly with an Indian accent.   Very quickly Kumare’ gains a small group of followers who confide in him and follows his teachings.  Vikram is making it all up as he goes along, but the 14 people who are following Kumare’ take him seriously and invite Kumare’ into their lives.

kw7ecVikram arrives in Arzona with two female film assocites who are in on this experient with Vikram.

Kumare screen cap



kumare_02Something very unexpected begins to take shape and Vikram is just as much transformed as the people who seek him out for love, compassion and encouragement.  The original intent of this social experiment changes as Vikram is being introduced to his Higher Self, which is Kumare’.

1As the movie is wrapping up, Kumare’ decides that he must confess who  he really is.  The ending of this movie is so profound.  BRAVO!!!!  I had tears welling up in my face at the end.  This is all that I am going to say about this movie.  You will have to stream it for yourself.  kumare_01I think that everyone should see this movie.  Even if you are not into Eastern philosophy Kumare’ is still a must see movie because of the important messages within it.

Thank you Vikram Gandhi!  Bravo!!!

Official website for Kumare’ Movie.

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