Kate & Leopold

Kate and Leopold movieI had the pleasure of Streaming Kate & Leopold yesterday via Amazon.  It is one of the most delightful movies I have ever seen.  Kate & Leopold is sweet, funny, romantic and at times just plain ridiculous, but in a good way.  Kate & Leopold was released on December 25, 2001 and it stars Meg Ryan, Hugh Jack the man (Jackman) Liev Schreiber and Breckin Meyer.  It was directed by James Mangold.  The budget was $48 million and the movie grossed $76,019,048. worldwide.

the Brooklyn BirdgeKate & Leopold starts off in the year 1876.  Johann Roebling is making a speech in front of his unfinished Brooklyn Bridge.   A physicist named Stuart  found a portal in time and stumbled back into the 19th century.  Stuart is watching Roebling speak and is taking pictures with his digital camera.

Kate and Leopold

Hugh Jackman as LeopoldAlso listening to Roebling speak is Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Thomas Gareth Mountbatten, Duke of Albany.  Leopold spots Stuart taking photos with this camera contraption that he has never seen before.

Kate & Leopold 2Leopold is thought of as a failure to the monarchy by his very strict Uncle.  On Leopold’s 30th birthday he is told that it is time for him to choose a bride; preferably a rich American  because the family wealth has been depleted.  Leopold agrees to do his duty and prepares to announce his engagement that evening.  Leopold prefers not to make such a move, but he is torn by loyalty to his family.


749aOCvl7xDP4ZjgzMPwoC3HebNStuart crashes the party at Leopold’s home and starts snooping around.  Leopold again spots Stuart and follows him.  Stuart is caught taking photos of Leopold’s diagrams.  Leopold chases him down all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is the location of the temporal portal back to the 20th century.  Leopold does not know that and tries to save Stuart from falling off the unfinished bridge.  Stuart needs to jump off the bridge into the portal so he sprays mace into Leopold’s face.  Stuart is able to get back into the time portal, but Leopold falls into it as well and enters the 21st Century.

Leopold and StuartWhen Leopolds comes to he is at first confused and thinks he was kidnapped until Stuart explains what happened.   Leopold is amazed to see the Brooklyn Bridge completed, other inventions and the expansion of New York City.   1928649,Q9dpB8jitxuDkdRiMYAXLdPnWFqRtVXKAO28Io7_jhBbMtSCVai_EnHoxeVgiZb1aX+nfpXBgAMmtjWsCqzvHg==

Kate-Leopold-kate-and-leopold-8856162-1024-576Stuart tries to explain to his ex-girlfriend Kate that he just returned from the 19th century and that Leopold is the Duke of Albany from that time period.   Kate and Stuart have a strange relationship.  They were dating for 4 years before breaking up.  Stuart lives in the apartment above Kate’s and she goes back and forth from her apartment to his via the fire escape.

Just a few words about Meg Ryan:  I like Meg a lot, but I notice that in many of her movies she tends to play characters in the same type of quirky manner with little variation.  In Kate & Leopold there is something I find weird about her hair too.  It seems to be cut very unevenly all the way around and is bone straight.  To me it looks like a hot mess and was not particularly complementary to her.  I did not care for the clothes chosen for Meg in this movie either.  Meg is very petite and does not have much in the way of breasts or hips.  The clothes she wore made her look like a tomboy instead of a woman.  I guess Kate is supposed to be an artsy fartsy type character, but I still think the costume department could have done better for Meg and her character.  To me they made Kate  seem lazy about her appearance.  The black evening dress that Kate wore to have dinner with Leopold did not do anything for her either.

meg_ryan_plasticsurgery_before_afterMeg’s lips were also looking weird.  Her bottom and especially her top lips looked more enormous than I remember them to be from other movies.  On the right is how they look in Kate and Leopold.  On the left is how I remember them looking before, so I guess it is safe to say that Meg Ryan had surgery to enlarge her lips.  To me Meg ruined her lips.  Larger lips look great if they are natural and not artificially enlarged.

kate leopold 2Kate does not believe a word Stuart says about discovering a portal in time.  Instead she completely dismisses it and will not even help Stuart prove it to her.

kate and leopold 3Stuart has to take his dog for a walk and asks Leopold to look at his his formula of how he discovered several temporary portals to the Universe.

kateleopold2541While Stuart is in the process of taking his dog downstairs he falls down the elevator shaft and gets hurt.  When Leopold came into the 21st century, it was before he filed a patent for elevators so when the elevator door opened the shaft was empty and Stuart fell to the bottom.   Leopold needs to return to his time period and file the patent.  The next portal opening is in one week.   Kate and Leopold do not immediately realize what happened Stuart.  Kate finds the dog out in the hallway trying to pee and Kate tells Leopold that he must take the dog for a walk right away.

3607_2Not realizing that Leopold cannot be left on his own in NYC , Kate goes to work leaving him to walk the dog on his own.  Leopold and the dog get into all kinds of mischief.  An ambulance arrives to take Stuart off to the hospital.  Stuart calls Kate to let her know that she cannot let Leopold out of the apartment but it is too late.  Stuart’s cell phone is confiscated because it is not allowed in the hospital.  Stuart keeps trying to tell everyone that he discovered a portal in time and needs to get back home.  Of course everyone thinks Stuart is crazy and he is assigned to a psychiatrist.

Stuart in kate and leopoldStuart tries to use the phone in his shared hospital room until the nurse comes and takes it out.  Poor Stuart….LOL  These scenes are hilarious.

kate and leopold dog poopWhile Leopold is walking the dog he gets a ticket because he refuses to pick up the dog’s poop.  The cop is played by actress Viola Davis who years later would co-star in the movie “The Help”.  Viola Davis is a very talented actress.

kate1Kate is at work auditioning different actors for a margarine commercial.

936full-kate-&-leopold-photoLater that evening Kate has dinner with her brother and Leopold.  Kate looks like a hot mess while Leopold is dressed for dinner and comes with all the manners of the gentry.  Of course Kate still does not believe Leopold is from another century, but I think that she could have treated him better.  I found her to be quite rude unnecessarily.  Leopold had not done anything to her and was the model dinner guest.

Leopold is very intrigued by Kate’s career woman status and tells her that he used to date a librarian when he lived in Sussex.  Leopold is also drawn to Kate’s cynicism.  I was puzzled by this I have to admit.  Usually when you are being rude you don’t attract a men (or do you?), but Leopold was all into Kate in less than a week.

Hugh Jackman

kate and leopoldKate asks Leopold to audition for the margarine commercial and he is does a great job of it.

kate-and-leopold-5-31-09-3Kate goes out to dinner with her boss, but Leopold knows that Kate’s boss is trying to get her into bed.  Leopold shows up at the restaurant with Kate’s brother, crashes the date and makes a scene.

Leopolds letterLeopold makes a quill pen and writes a beautiful letter to Kate apologizing and inviting her to have dinner with him on the rooftop that evening.  Kate is being really rude and won’t answer back.  I mean how silly can you get.  How many men writes out a beautiful apology and then asks you to dinner?  Kate’s assistant at work reads the letter and hounds Kate into accepting the invitation and replying.  I wish Leopold had fallen for Kate’s office assistant instead.

kate-leopold_53Leopold receives Kate’s dinner acceptance by fax.

3663681_galLeopold shops for flowers that have special meaning and food for the special dinner he is planning for Kate.  What a man!

MV5BMTM4NDM2NDIzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzI2NjA0Nw@@__V1__SX420_SY558_Leopold greets Kate on the rooftop where a romantic dinner is waiting for her.

Meg and Hugh





18Leopold is complete;y smitten and prepares a delicious breakfast of fresh strawberries and mascarpone on toast just for Kate.

brunch kate & Leoopld



kateleoLeopold does the margarine commercial, but when he tastes it he refuses to finish the shoot.  The margarine tastes horrid.  Leopold and Kate get into an argument.  Kate believes that it is okay to be dishonest to the public in order to sell a product and make money.  Leopold has more integrity than that and they part ways on bad terms.

KateLeopold55With the help of an employee inside of the psychiatric hospital Stuart finally escapes.  Leopold understands that he must return to April 28, 1876 in order to make things right in history and the elevators, so he enters the portal on the Brooklyn Bridge.

kate and leopoldAfter Leopold returns to 1876, Stuart goes back to his apartment and prints out the photos he took when he was in the 19th century.  Kate’s brother discovers something in the photos that is very significant.  If you want to know what that is you will have to see the movie.

kate leoKate must enter the portal to 1876 or else history will be altered.  Her brother and Stuart help her to get to the Brooklyn Bridge in time.  I loved Kate’s goodbye to her brother.  It brought tears to my eyes.




kate and leopold

Kate and Leopold 45THE END!

Overall I really enjoyed Kate & Leopold.  The storyline is a very a interesting one and quite funny.  Hugh Jackman is so completely charming as Leopold.  I loved his seriousness and yet he could lighten up to be romantic and romance the woman he loves.  I could not help but think of Richard Armitage in this role.  Richard can do projects like this and I do hope that he will expand his range of acting roles.  So far I have watched three Hugh Jackman movies and every one had characters that were not similar to one another and the genres were different.  This is a great display of Jackman’s talent as an actor.






Hugh Jackman Kate and Leopold

Jackman and son on set

LeopoldalbanyThe real Leopold, Duke of Albany.


  1. Jeanine says:

    WOw, this was a fantastic pictorial and written synopsis…I have never actually seen this movie all the way from beginning to end but always a part here, the ending there…haha but after reading this I feel I don’t have to! You have captured it wonderfully and with such great pics! I agree…Meg Ryan—weird in this, she went through a odd stage…she was doing so well with You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless…and others but then just started playing funky movies…Although, in my opinion, unsuccessfully tried to get out of that ‘same role’ type casting…

    And now she kinda fell off the face of the planet. Anyway, Hugh…sighh. Love him. ANd Liev, he’s such a cutie too 🙂 The premise of this movie was fun I just wish better chemistry between leads…to me, these two weren’t my favorite together. Now Richard A…he would be delightful in a new version 🙂

    I didn’t realize Viola Davis from The Help was in this movie–I LOVED her in the Help. SUch a good movie! 🙂

  2. banronangheimhridh says:

    I have never seen this movie, but judging from your review, I also think Leopold should have fallen for Kate’s office assistant instead. I don’t think Kate deserves a guy that is as awesome as that. She seems so rude and unappreciative, which really annoys me.

    And about Meg’s enlarged lips, I completely agree with you. Naturally thin lips are beautiful just the way they are, and it both saddens and disgusts me that so many women feel pressured to do something like enlarge their lips. It isn’t healthy for them and definitely ruins their lips for the rest of their life.

  3. Dervla Church says:

    I have never seen this movie, but judging from your review, I also think Leopold should have fallen for Kate’s office assistant instead. I don’t think Kate deserves a guy that is as awesome as that. She seems so rude and unappreciative, which really annoys me.

    And about Meg’s enlarged lips, I completely agree with you. Naturally thin lips are beautiful just the way they are, and it both saddens and disgusts me that so many women feel pressured to do something like enlarge their lips. It isn’t healthy for them and definitely ruins their lips for the rest of their life.

  4. Servetus says:

    That was Jackman. Wow, I’d forgotten that, but not the movie. I saw it when it was in theaters and I have to say, I thought at the time it was one of the worst films I’d ever seen. Critics agreed at the time as well. I felt sorry for Meg Ryan and figured that the male actor’s career was over. Guess Jackman didn’t always make the best artistic choices after all.

    • Xenia says:

      LOL….Hi Servetus, you enjoyed writing that comment didn’t you? Oh no, don’t even try it…LOL Jackman did okay with choosing K&L in my humble opinion. A lot better than RA in picking his roles, but I still love him too anyway. At least I wasn’t embarrassed for Jackman like I was for RA while I was watching BTS. K&L still did well at the box office too no matter what the critics said. Jackman’s choices got him to stardom much faster. I am working up an RA post so that everyone knows that I haven’t given up on him. Armitage is still my man too! I love our handsome bloke, faults and all. 🙂

      I remember when Kate & Leopold came out. I meant to go and see it but never did (typical of me). I always liked Meg Ryan, but Hugh didn’t interest me. I simply saw him as another Hollywood hunk. If anyone had said his name to me back then I would have said “so what?” I probably would have disliked Kate & Leopold too at that time, but I really did enjoy watching it now. I saw the humor in it immediately and laughed quite a bit. I usually take a lighter look at these types of movies than most people so I tend not to be as disappointed. K&L certainly would not win any awards, but I thought it was light, fun entertainment and took my mind off the fact that I am still looking for a job after 4 months of unemployment.

      Sometimes a movie takes a while to grow on you too. I remember when I saw Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds and hated that. I mean I thought it was AWFUL!!! Some time later I decided to give it another chance and now I love it and treasure my DVD copy, so go figure.

      I also don’t listen much to professional critics because I find them way too impressed with their own “analytical skills”. I’ve read some reviews by professionals that made me roll my eyes. I remember when quite a few of them did not like Yentl and I loved it. I was spellbound to my seat at the theater watching Yentl.

      Next up for Hugh Jackman movies for me is Australia. I will be streaming that movie later today. I am sure that I will come across a Jackman movie that I won’t like so stay tuned. Ha!

  5. Hamlette says:

    I keep trying to like this movie, but it just doesn’t quite work for me. I feel like Leopold accepts that he’s time-traveled to the future much too easily, and he adjusts to modern life with very few issues. In the end, I like Stuart best — I also love Liev Schreiber, and he’s just hilarious here. Plus, yeah, Kate is so unlikable. Not the sweet kind of Meg Ryan character I prefer.

    • Xenia says:

      I didn’t have problems with Leopold accepting so quickly that he time traveled but I see what you mean. I wanted to know where he was getting money to shop for flowers and buy food. Additionally, being a 19th century man and an aristocrat at that there is no way Leopold would know how to cook and be willing to do the dishes. That was so far fetched, but not enough to make me dislike the movie. I did not like Kate for him at all. I found the character quite annoying. I loved Meg in other movies but not this one.

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