Romantic Day Dreaming Moments

I was just looking at the photos of a Tumblr site that I found out about on Pinterest.  The Tumblr site is called That Inspiration Girl.  It is such an inspiring page that I had to add to my links page so that I can remember it.  I found many of the pictures to be so romantic, which led me to go into one of my many Anne of Green Gables day dreaming states.  I have always been a day dreamer.  I have a very vivid imagination and it is a very important tool that I use in the manifestation process.

Dreams Come True

Romance on a bridgeThis is the initial photo that I saw on Pinterest that led me to That Inspirational Girl.  As soon as I saw this photo, thoughts and images of romance swept right into my head.  I have no idea where this picture was taken, but I immediately saw myself in my mind’s eye standing on this bridge with the Handsome Stranger from the Vicar of Dibley in a romantic and loving embrace.  I love how the light beams of the setting sun is being beautiful reflected in the shimmering water.


Romantic photoIf I look real closely at this picture I can see me and you know who enjoying the rippling water.


prior park, bathContinuing to use my imagination, on a warm, but rainy day I can see me and him standing by the columns and looking out.


the seine riverMe and him are holding hands and slowing walking along the river Seine.


romantic shabby chic bedOohh…just look at this beautiful bed decorated in shabby chic bedding.  I love it and I can easily picture myself and the handsome stranger in it (of course we are…ahem… married).


shortbread cookies, fruits and teaHow about some tea, biscuits and fresh fruit for me and the man?


readingAhh…I love to read!  It is so lovely to make myself comfortable with a great book and know that he is nearby in the room too.

reading togetherSometimes we will read together.


deer through the fogSuppose me and him lived in a house that gave us a panoramic view of the woods behind it.  We both look up to see this beautiful deer wandering in the woods.


cup of hot teaHe just made me a nice hot cup of tea.  What a man!


Harrod's chocolatierI can enjoy my tea with the chocolates he purchased for me.


engagement ringMy engagement ring came in this case.


romantic wedding tableWe were married at dawn in a private civil ceremony.   The next day we wed again in front of our family and close friends.  Afterwards we all sat down to a candlelight dinner.


Make Believe…and make it REAL


  1. debra sixpence says:

    Ok, going to try this again. 🙂

    These are some beautiful images of Paris. You do know you are going to manifest that dream guy with all that heavy-duty dreaming you are doing? lol You definitely picked one perfect city to dream of, it’s one of my favorites. I left bits and pieces of my heart all over Paris, so that I will need to return one day. I’m tasting that cafe au lait this instant.

    Just keep on dreaming…!
    Hope you’re having a dreamy, awesome Monday.

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