Will You Marry Me With This Ring?

This morning as I was on my way back home from Trader Joe’s I was listening to a radio program in my car that gave me an idea for this blog post.  The radio program is hosted by a man and a woman and each day they ask a question for listeners to call in and answer.  The question this morning was directed at women.  Say you have been dating a man for some time and he pops the question.  The engagement ring he presents to you he gave to another woman who he loved and proposed to before he met you.  He took the ring and had it melted did, redesigned and the diamonds reset into it differently before he proposed and presented it to you.

The question is would you accept the ring or would you be upset that he did not buy you a totally different ring?

While I was listening to it, all of the women who called in said they would not want it because it first belonged to another woman that he made memories with.  The female host of the radio program said she would happily take the ring and I agree with her.  I would take it too.  YES, I would.


The way I see it is that he melted it down, had it redesign and reset differently, so to me the ring no longer is associated with the other woman.  Once it was all melted down it amounted to parts and the parts no longer appear the same after it’s reconstruction.

The women callers though were adamant that they would not take the ring and that it was insulting.  I think that it takes quite a bit of thought, time and money to have a ring melted down and redesigned, which shows me that he was only thinking of ME and not the woman he was first in love with.  What I wouldn’t want him to do is take me to the same place that he proposed to the first woman.  It had better be a different restaurant…LOL  For me it doesn’t need to be anything fancy either.  He would not have to come up with something original or different.  All he would need to do is tell me straight from his heart to mine how he truly feels about me, how much he loves me and that he never wants to spend another day of his life apart from me.  After all that he can pop the question. …….
….and I will happily say YES as he slips on that beautiful ring that he had redesigned especially for ME.
What would you do?


  1. Maddie Rose says:

    Well, if that was the case, then yes. To go to all that trouble, to make me feel special and pleased, I wouldn’t deny the ring. Of course, I would maybe feel a little twinge that it was hers, but if you think about it, it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he is sincere and thoughtful, which I think this shows. 🙂

    • Collar City Brownstone says:

      A lot of women would feel a little bit like the ring was really still the first woman’s ring. This is a case where it is good to stop and think things through first, and hopefully see that the redesigned ring holds new memories and has cast off the old ones.

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