Jax and Brenda’s Love Story – Love Without End

Do you remember Jasper Jax and Brenda Barrett from General Hospital?  I remember them well and will never forget this couple.  To me the Jax and Brenda love story was one of the very best in all of soap opera history.  The writers of this storyline did an awesome job with the dialogue.  Jax and Brenda expressed their love for one another so profoundly.  Jax and Brenda meant so much to each other every moment of every day.

Jax and Brenda were expertly played by Vanessa Marcil and German born actor Ingo Rademacher.  Ahem….btw, Ingo is the same height as my favorite British actor.  You already know his name.

The very handsome Jasper Jax was a corporate raider who moved to Port Charles and tried to steal another woman away from her husband.  Jax met Brenda who became his best friend.  Jax fell in love with Brenda and it turned into a romance that warmed your heart and made your head spin.

Here are some of the dialogue that Jax and Brenda spoke to one another:

Jax to Brenda:  “When you came to tell me that we were over I said that I was going to prove how smart I was by wishing you well and walking away. Well, I lied, Cause you broke my heart. And that’s not an accusation, it’s the truth” 

 Jax to Brenda:  “What I am trying to say Brenda, is that every time that I look into your eyes I feel that I am looking into my own soul. Everything about you delights me. Everything seems to be exactly as it should be…the laughter in your eyes, the touch of your lips, the warmth of your skin, the way fit we so perfectly in bed together and being here with you right now feels like every second of my entire life has been leading up to this moment. ”

Jax to Brenda:   “I’m no one’s consolation prize, I come first, or not at all. The trouble with keeping your eye on the goal is that you sometimes miss what’s right in front of you. For instance, you’ve missed the only man who will ever make you happy.”

Brenda to Jax:  “When I married you the first time, it was because I couldn’t have you any other way. And I knew even then that you were too important to lose. You told me that I’d learn to love you. And you were right. I do love you. I want to share my life with you. You can trust me,Jax.”

Brenda to Jax:  “Every day, every hour of every day you mean more to me.” 

Brenda to Jax:  “But, if I loved you then I didn’t even know it. And you didn’t know it either. And you didn’t mind. You were patient with me. You waited for me to come around. And now I guess its my turn, isn’t it? Here I am. I know that I am so madly in love with you. So I guess now its my turn. I’ll wait for you this time.”

Jax to Brenda:  “Nobody leaves. Whatever happens, nobody leaves.” 


This is a video of Jax and Brenda dancing in the rain.  Listen to what Jax says to Brenda though before they dance.   It will ignite a fire in your heart and make you blush..


In this touching video, Jax lovingly tells Brenda that she doesn’t have to prove anything to him.

This video takes place earlier in their relationship.   Jax is leaving Port Charles because he cannot be in the same city with the woman he loves who is not returning his feelings.  Jax ends up asking Brenda to marry him and gives her 14 days to decide and give him her answer.


I miss Jax and Brenda, and as far as I am concerned, no other daytime soap opera has had such a compelling love storyline.  When Vanessa Marcil left General Hospital I continued to watch the show for a little while, but it just was not the same without Brenda.  GH did bring in other love interests for Jax, but I never liked any of them.  I have not watched GH in over ten years.  Vanessa Marcil did return to the show for a very short period of time.  What the show’s writers did to the Jax character later on was awful too.

It is nice to take a walk down Jax and Brenda memory lane once in a while.  I hoped that you enjoyed it too.

A few more Jax and Brenda quotes that you will love:

Brenda: “No one has ever loved me the way he loves me. One time Sonny said to me that we were like drug addicts and that we were just addicted to each other. And I think that he was right. ‘Cause I always thought that that sick feeling inside of me was what love felt like. And Jax is just showing me that that is not true. You know with Jax I don’t have to trick him, or beg him, or want to die for him to love me. He just does.” 

Brenda: “Its because of the way you look at me. You make me feel like I’m treasured.”
Jax: “You are.”  


  1. Gwen says:

    Xenia Hi my name is Gwen. I love the couple of Jax and Brenda so much. What I hated was the fact that the writers destroyed this couple over the last 10 yrs that it broke my heart. Jax and Brenda should have been together soooooo long ago. Even with their last visit to PC this past april why could the writer just let the J&B’s have that dream of them being together, living, loving, and raising a family instead of bring them back and engage and then have them break up again. Their love has been so hard fought for that it make me sad for them not to have their happy ever after I just can’t explain it.It is so true when Jax told Brenda that she live for the sadness that sonny cause her and that in the end that would be all she had. The only thing is that that is true for Jax as well, and I am sure he did not mean for himself as well. The truth is now they are both ending up only with the sadness. I do hope that the new writers will give those of us J&B fan that closure with reunite Jax and Brenda with happiness together. I get so mad at myself when I let them pull me back to show with the hope that Jax and Brenda will be reunited and then pull the rug out from under me. I don’t expect a reply from you it was just nice to get this off of my chest since your blog is the most up dated on this couple.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Gwen, Thank you for stopping by Collar City Brownstone. I agree with you 100% about Jax and Brenda. The writers completely destroyed the special love and devotion to each other that made Jax and Brenda so memorable. I prefer to keep my memories of J&B from the early days. I love the way Jax pursued Brenda and how he stuck with her through thick and thin. Their entire courtship and marriage was beautiful. I couldn’t stand Skye or any of the other woman that the writers paired Jax with.

      • Lily says:

        I didn’t follow Jax and Brenda, but even worse at General Hospital with the writing was when Luke and Laura were destroyed. Here’s hoping, now that Genie Francis/Laura is back on (and married to Scott Baldwin! yikes!) that Luke and Laura can get back together forever. (I highly recommend Sussezq’s youtube playlists to check out the history of Luke and Laura starting in 1979. It’s good stuff.)

        • Xenia says:

          I will check out the You Tube playlist since I was not watching General Hospital during the Luke and Laura romance. The writers at GH over the years did not understand how important it was to keep the love of couples like Jax and Brenda and Luke and Laura alive. Both of these couples were butchered by the writers. Jax and brenda belong together. Pairing them with others after viewers witnessed such a deep soul to soul connection for so long does not add up.

  2. Jasmine Reivers says:

    Xenia, we are kindred spirits, LOL! I used to love Jax & Brenda together. I liked her with Jax so much better than with Sunny. They just seemed to have such a deep connection. To me Sunny belonged with Carly and Jax belonged with Brenda.

    • Collar City Brownstone says:

      I agree Jasmine. There is no way I would choose Sonny over Jax and as far as I was concerned Brenda was PERFECT for Jax. I loved them together. Ingo and Vanessa has so much chemistry on screen and you could see how comfortable they were working together. The passionate kissing looked so believable that I thought maybe they were attracted to one another in real life.

      Ingo Rademacher is now 41 years old, married with two sons. Ingo is also still handsome as ever.

  3. veganopoulous says:

    I never really watched GH but I do remember these two characters. When we were younger my sister loved Genie Francis 🙂 I was more in to Days of Our Lives for a time (that whole Bo and Hope romance, ahhh!) and then watched it on and off for cringey entertainment. Marlena being possessed by the devil was brilliantly ridiculous and I loved the many returns of Stefano Dimera. Actually only yesterday I was flipping channels and caught the last few minutes of Days (something I have not seen in years) and it looks like a reunion is happening. In Australia we were originally about 6 (or 9) years behind, same with Young and the Restless, then there was a special on tv updating everyone, and then more recent episodes started being played.

    When I was younger I watched a little Santa Barbara and Bold and the Beautiful. Ron Moss was always really funny when he was interviewed on Australian tv, so I’ve had a soft spot for Ridge Forrester since, even though I never watch the show (and I recently heard he is leaving!) 🙂

    • Collar City Brownstone says:

      I remember when Genie Francis and Anthony Geary were the “hot” couple on General Hospital. I didn’t watch GH at the time though. I came in a bit late to the Jax and Brenda story because I was not watching any soap operas at all. I was home from work one day and flipping through the channels when I saw Ingo Rademacher on the TV screen. I thought to myself, what a handsome man so I started watching and realized it was General Hospital. That is how I got hooked on GH and this storyline.

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