A Heart For Milton

Trudy Brasure
A Heart for Milton is a sequel to North and South.  I enjoyed this ebook very much.  I am overjoyed that John Thornton and Margaret Hale got married and had children of their own.  There are other sequels to North and South, however, this is my favorite one.
Some people who read this book were upset that the author includes loves scenes, but I thought it was a great addition to the story.  There is nothing dirty about a married couple truly in love and making love with one another.  I was delighted to see that Mr. Thornton could be so passionate underneath his broody exterior.  John’s love for Margaret and physical attraction to her was beautifully and tastefully written.
As I read this book I was just as happy and excited as John Thornton was as he was preparing to travel to London for his marriage to Margaret.  After two years of believing that another man had Margaret’s heart John could barely believe how his life had suddenly changed.  I felt John’s excitement and shared his happiness.
 It was wonderful to read about John and Margaret’s legacy living on through their descendants..  I was very teary eyed by the end of this book.
Great job Trudy Brasure.
5 Star Rating

A Heart for Milton

Author Trudy Brasure.  Be sure to visit Trudy’s website.
 A Heart for Milton



    • collarcitybrownstone says:

      I am glad that you loved A Heart for Milton. Trudy Brasure will appreciate it too. Trudy is a lovely person who participates on Goodreads and some blogs that focus on North and South.

      A Heart for Milton did remain true to the characters of the book. I really got into John Thornton’s excitement about going to London to marry his Beloved. I was so happy for him!!! I loved his life with Margaret and their children and I loved the ending.

  1. Trudy says:

    Thanks so much, Xenia!
    I’m busy working on my next N&S novel: a ‘what if’ that starts somewhere in the middle of the original plot.

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