Living Room #1

Photos by Neil Grabowsky of Through The Lens Studio, Montclair, New Jersey
Here is living room #1.  The ceiling is the color of a copper penny.  This room looks into living room #2 and my library.  I love all the arched passage ways in my home.  This is a Moor inspired aspect of Victorian homes.  Inside of them would be pocket doors.
All of the boxes on top on the white armoire came from The Christmas tree Shoppe.  I love shopping there.
This is my collection of mostly chenille bedspreads that I bought off of eBay.  I love chenille bedspreads that are either white or pink.  I also love white matelasse bedspreads.


  1. Mary Lewis Soileau says:

    The beautiful white mirror!! The architecture! The space!! Oh my! You are truly blessed to live in this gorgeous old jewel. I love the floors and the openness of it all! (Ok. I’ve expressed myself w/lots of exclamation marks but old homes are a passion of mine.)

  2. redhead83402 says:

    beautiful home! I also love bedspreads, but I collect the hand-crocheted ones. I just love thinking about all of the hard work someone put into them. When I buy them off ebay or at a garage sale, I sort of think of it as a “rescue”. All that work should be appreciated by SOMEone. ;-D

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