Cheryl Bolen Regency Romances

I recently purchased some regency romance ebooks by Cheryl Bolen that I downloaded onto my kindle.  I love regency romances.  They may come off as a bit over the top to some people because of the restrictive era that these books take place in, but I still enjoy reading them.  As a woman of color I cannot really identify with the somewhat limited standard of beauty of the heroines in these books, but like I said, I do enjoy reading them anyway.  The hero is always dashing and handsome.  Even if he was a rogue at one time, deep down he really is a nice guy who knows how to give his heart and all his love completely to the heroine.  From the moment the hero meets the heroine he never has eyes for anyone else.  What woman would not love that???  Some people may think that is unrealistic, but I do not.  I believe that it is entirely possible for two people to meet and connect soul to soul immediately.  If it has happened to YOU, I would love to hear about it.  I know this will happen to ME….hee hee haa haa.  Seriously, I really do believe that.  🙂  Do not try to invalidate my dreams because I won’t listen to you.
The first one I read is His Lordships Vow.  The second on The Bride Wore Blue and third one is With His Ring.  They are really inexpensive to download onto your kindle if you have one.  His Lordships Vow cost me.99 cents.  The other two I paid $3.49.  A lot of the regency romance ebooks are very low-priced.
Cheryl Bolen is a good writer, but the editing is not “tight” in these books.  There are a few errors, but I enjoyed the stories so much that I overlooked the errors.  On a professional level though more care does need to be given to the editing and proof reading.
In all three of these books the hero fell completely in love with the heroine BEFORE any physical intimacy.  Most people today think that is unrealistic, but I do not.  In the first book “His Lordships Vow” the heroine was plain-looking, so it had nothing to do with beauty, although he did find her very pretty.  The hero loved her smarts and down to earth nature.  In the second book “The Bride Wore Blue“,  the heroine is very beautiful, but the hero fell in love with her totally loving and giving nature when she rescued him from what could have been certain death.  In the third book “With His Ring“, the hero and the heroine were friends since childhood.  There is nothing like falling in love with, and marrying your best friend.  The third book was also funny as heck in some parts.  I was laughing so much at Glee’s antics.I have two more regency romance books by Cheryl Bolen on my kindle to read.  Ms. Bolen has many other regency romance books.
  4 Stars


  1. cherylbolen says:

    Xenia, Thanks for highlighting some of my books. I appreciate each of my readers. I was surprised over your comment regarding the editing because two of the three you mentioned were previously published in paperback by a major New York publishing house, and I never had a complaint! I may need to go back and look at the Kindle version. Thanks again.

    • collarcitybrownstone says:

      Hello Cheryl Bolen,

      WOW! Thank you for stopping by. I love your books. There aren’t a lot of errors but there are some, at least in the kindle versions. Never the less, I love your regency romance stories. Please keep them coming. I was once a member of Romance Writers of America but I had to give that up. I have too many extra curricular activities going on as it is, but one day I want to sit down and write at least one great romance novel.

      Love and hugs!


  2. lala says:

    I am a new follower of your blog, found you from Cabin & Cottages. I have just finished reading all of your posts, and all I can say is AMAZING!!!! Your home is absolutely lovely and it’s quite obvious that all of your restorations have truly been a labor of love.

    • collarcitybrownstone says:

      Hello Lala,

      I am so honored that you took the time to read all of my posts. WOW! I am glad that you like my blog. Keeping it up is almost like a full time job, but I am loving it and meeting so many wonderful people. It is a pleasure to meet you.


  3. Nancy Hart says:

    Hi Xenia! Couldn’t resist your comment about soul meeting soul. It happened to me! I met my husband 3 months out of highschool, in 1984….we have been together ever since and we are soulmates! He is the only man I have ever fallen in love with and I am still madly in love with him! This August will be 26 years of marriage! I hope you too find your soulmate!

    • collarcitybrownstone says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I am so glad that after 26 years of marriage you are still happy and in love with your soul to soul connection. I hope that more people will make similar posts. I want to hear about them all. Surely my belief in Love Jane Austen style cannot be fantasy. I am sure that it exists more than people are willing to realize and admit. I would love to hear from some real life Mr. Darcy’s and John Thornton’s….LOL

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